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How does art help child development?


Through creative art, children may be able to represent experiences.


Creating art relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, increases brain plasticity and increased serotonin levels.


Children’s creativity is appreciated by their peers and teachers, we help them feel valued as people, raising self esteem.


They may draw images out of proportion, exaggerating things important to them.


9 Lessons delivered over Term 3 | $117/student* + GST

Focus area, Inner Peace (pastel on paper)

Thursday 23rd July 2020
Beginning with a basic meditation/visualisation this lesson guides students to see, feel and draw the place they feel most peaceful & happy.

Key Learning Outcomes

Visual Arts, Physical Education (mental health)

Focus area, Love over Fear (Water paints)

Thursday 30th July 2020
Practice breathing exercises to let go of any fear, and feel more love in the heart. Visualise colours around your heart and draw from the guided visualisation.

Key Learning Outcomes

Visual Arts, Physical Education (mental health)

Focus area, Inner Strength & Wisdom (Claywork)

Thursday 6th August 2020

Shows students they have a lot of internal strength & wisdom internally. Learning about other cultures such as South America

Key Learning Outcomes

Environmental studies, Cultures in Society, Visual Arts

Focus area, The Imaginary world (Painting)

Thursday 13th August 2020

To enhance students imagination. Expression of their own fantasy world. Kids’ feeling of creating their own magic.

Key Learning Outcomes

Visual Arts, Literacy

Focus area, Big Dreams & Goals (Painting)

Thursday 20th August 2020

Enjoy feeling relaxed & inspired by nature. Insight & freedom to dream & visualise big goals!

Key Learning Outcomes

Visual Arts, Physical Education

Focus Area, Gratitude for my Present Life (Claywork)

Thursday 27th August 2020

Students remembering to enjoy the simple things in life with appreciation.

Key Learning Outcomes

Visual Arts, Physical Education

Focus area, We are all One Love (Mixed media)

Thursday 3rd September 2020

Accept people for how they are. A greater sense of respect for other cultures & communities.

Key Learning Outcomes

Cultural & Social Studies

Focus area, Underwater Adventure (Mixed media)

Thursday 10th September 2020

An underwater journey to visit various marine life, and learn more about eco-friendly ideas.

Key Learning Outcomes

Environmental  Studies

Focus area, Eternal love is inside you (Claywork)

Thursday 17th September 2020

Realisation all the love inside of them without need for external input. Feeling safe & not judged having an animal friend with them during the visualisation.

Key Learning Outcomes

Visual Arts, Physical Education (mental health)


Venue: Emporium building Montessori International junior school.

Time: 3.15-4.15pm

Teachers – Jules & Asaya

A teacher for over 18years Jules has worked extensively with a diversity of children in Australia, New Zealand and England. As an artist, art therapist, book author and meditation teacher she observed & felt the need for children to learn the tools of meditation followed by the creative process. Jules is very inspired by teaching this and sharing her talents with the children.

Asaya is a full-time artist and art workshop facilitator inspiring others to embrace their creative inspiration through the language of imagination, art and specialised guided imagery. Asaya has taught children and adults in a diversity of art and visualisation workshops across her career.


Suitable for children: 6-12 years old.

Children will learn powerful life tools, to assist inner peace, emotional balancing, and expansion of their creativity.

Teachers guide the class through deep breathing at the beginning of each lesson. Followed by meditation with visualisation.

An example of what your children will experience in the first lesson embraces the visualisation of a beautiful rain forest encompassing all of the colours and shapes they see and their happy peaceful place. Students then draw this out with pastels on black pastel paper.

The program delivers different focus areas each lesson (as listed above) using mediums such as with paints, clay, recycled objects.

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    Meditation, Visualisation and Art Therapy can shift and release emotions stemming from past challenges and as such it is imperative that teachers are aware of potentials shifts so as to optimally guide, nurture and support your child during execution of the Montessori M1 Program.

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    9 Lessons delivered over Term 3 | $117/student* + GST

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