What we do

Mindful Creative Hearts empowers young minds through meditation, mindfulness, visualisation and art programs designed to ignite creativity and enhance neuroplasticity.


Our unique programs deliver outcomes designed to expand children’s imagination, self worth & calmness within whilst also regulating emotion, increased focus and resilience.


Our single, dual and custom multi-term program options offer a range of valuable and affordable curricular and extracurricular skills and tools empowering students towards their highest potential.

A Word

From Our Founder

“I have evolved and practised mindfulness, meditation, visualisation and art processes in schools for the past 3 years in Queenstown, New Zealand, Sydney and Byron Bay – these exercises are now the basis of my program called ‘Expand your kid’s hearts with art & mindfulness’. I am dedicated & inspired to teach these tools to children, it’s an honour.”

– Julie Tucker

Our Programs

Balancing Emotion & Enhancing Creative Expression

Our range of Courses and Guided Art Meditation sessions, classes and personalised consultations deliver the amazing benefits of mindfulness via visualisation, art and guided meditation.

Program 1

5 Lessons delivered over 1 Term | $45/student* + GST
(*Minimum booking 25 students)

Program 2

5 Lessons delivered over 1 Term | $45/student* + GST
(*Minimum booking 25 students)

Program Bundle

10 Lessons delivered over 2 Terms | $79.95/student* + GST
(*Minimum booking 25 students)

Custom Programs

Our custom programs are tailor made to students needs in alignment with specific curriculum and learning outcomes.