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Welcoming you to our online Meditation Course, this is a 10 day meditation course to challenge yourself and learn different ways to calm and focus your mind and body and expanding your creativity. We describe here different techniques and breathing exercises that we will teach during these 10 days together!

This introduction is part of the 10 days guided meditations challenge course created by Julie & Florian.

Julie & Florian (Ju & Flo) developed this course as a challenge, to start or evolve your consistent meditation practice. We know that now more than ever, listening to yourself deeply is truly challenging! However we also know that sitting quietly and bringing back our awareness into the present moment for JUST 10 minutes per day will give you real change. A moment of peace and deep breathing for yourself, your inner self journey and clarity of mind, has been scientifically proven to offer incredible benefits to your body and mind.

In this course we will provide you with 10 guided meditations on different topics and techniques.

Shield-Mandala Affirmation and mantra

Affirmation and Mantra



gratitude, eagle, visualisation, mountains

Gratitude for present Life



imaginary world, visualisation, balance, yin yang

Imaginary world

Inner Happiness

Inner happiness

Inner strength and wisdom

Inner Wisdom

Sensations of the body meditation

Sensations of the body

Trataka candle gazing meditation


Love over fear

Love over fear

For each meditation you will be welcomed and guided by either Ju or Flo or even both of us!

We developed background music with talented artist friends, to deepen your relaxation.

You can listen to our introduction of the course : Introduction to 10 days challenge

This course is a real gift from our hearts, we have made it accessible and a great starter kit for new meditators or experienced meditators looking for diversity and to have a good base to start their own inner journey.

Blessings to you from our Hearts and Souls 🙏



Julie Tucker

Julie Tucker is a qualified High School Physical Education teacher & Primary teacher for over 15 years and an Art Therapist for 6 years. Julie is also an accomplished book author and visual artist.