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What Parents and Principals are saying!

“Julie you are simply amazing-such an inspiration!!
From the moment I discovered your program I knew straight away that it was like no other. This program was ‘alive’ and had a positive vibe.

It is a brilliant blend of explicit mindfulness instruction and creative art. The very first lesson was “We Are All One Love” and we did this with a Kindergarten class at my school.

I was impressed with the students’ responses. Not only did the kindies enjoy the process, there was also a sense of calm, kindness and gratitude as we worked through the exercises.

Your program holds a special place in my heart. It is obviously created with love, wisdom, kindness, compassion and gratitude. It ticks so many boxes! My students of all ages have loved your program.

Inspiring, uplifting – THANK YOU!!”

Helen Ganis

Assistant Principal, Learning & Wellbeing, (Dept of Education) Sydney.

“My kids and I loved our meditation and art time together. Jules has kept her book simple, yet it’s so effective. I plan to use her book for my upcoming
workshop, for children and adults, to get in touch with their inner child – we all love to draw!”

Michelle Carpenter,

Teacher, New Zealand

“Jules is a beautiful and creative soul that brings out the best in everyone and
this amazing program & book she has created is destined to bring more love and light
into the world!”

Lynda Kennedy

Art Therapist, Sydney